Small DALI Module with only 3 HP space requirement for controlling up to 32 DALI lamps. Each of these 32 DALI devices is programmed with a unique device address. One of 16 ISYGLT dimming groups can be assigned to this device address by parameterising the DALI-16B-SL Module.

Quick Facts

  • 16 groups
  • integrated power supply
  • group splitting freely parameterisable
  • automatic addressing possible
  • DALI Web Plugin for addressing via Laptop, SmartPhone or Tablet
  • max. 32 devices

The DALI-16B-SL Module (Slim-Line) is an ISYGLT DALI Gateway with integrated DALI power supply and designed for space-saving installation in control cabinets. This module is particularly suitable for systems with many DALI groups or single circuit control.

Up to 32 DALI ECGs (DALI standard loads) can be operated on one DALI BUS. Each of these 32 DALI devices (electronic ballasts or electronic transformers) must be programmed with a unique device address (DALI short address). Each device address can be assigned one of 4, 8, 12 or 16 ISYGLT dimming groups in up to 3 configurations (setups) by parameterising the DALI-16B-SL Module. These dimming groups have all the features possible in the ISYGLT system in terms of scene storage, fade time calculations, etc.

The module is equipped with its own power supply, which is designed for 32 DALI standard loads. This allows a freely configurable emergency function for the corresponding DALI BUS. All DALI output devices are completely integrated into the possibilities of the ISYGLT system through our concept. Thus, the functional scope of the ISYGLT system is available.

The module occupies 4 module addresses on the BUS.

The DALI devices are monitored for lamp faults or ECG faults. The DALI-Failure-Level (value in case of DALI BUS failure) can be parameterised via the DALI-16B-SL.

Maintenance intervals can be easily calculated using operating hours counters.

According to the standard, the DALI ECGs always remain energized, which ultimately leads to unnecessary energy consumption when switched off. A main contactor for the DALI ECGs can be controlled via a virtual output. If the mains voltage is simply switched on or off, operating devices may no longer operate correctly, as protocols can already be sent during the startup phase. This effect is avoided by our new circuit logic.

The following functions are available for commissioning and operating the devices:

  • DALI broadcast for commissioning and emergency operation
  • Automatic addressing of new ECGs during exchange work
  • ECG addressing and checking in conjunction with the IP Master and the DALI Web Plugin

The following functions can be performed independently by the DALI Module:

  • Calculation of increases with time constants from 0.5 seconds to 18 hours
  • Independent regulation of instantaneous analog ACTUAL values to preset analog SETPOINT values at a preset speed (optional in preset time)
  • Feedback of the termination of the analog value output after the execution of time functions
  • Stop function during the execution of time functions
  • OVERSAMPLING error correction. With the so-called "OVERSAMPLING", the DALI Module automatically corrects the jumps in the analog values caused by the cycle times of the BUS system. For this purpose, the analog values between the BUS cycles are transformed back into the resolution of 8 bits by linearization.
  • Execution of blinking functions

Electrical Data

Mains supply 230V / 50-60 Hz
Current consumption 15mA
Insulation voltage 3500V (ISYGLT, DALI / mains)
Subnet (RS-485) max. 5.6V limitation by Z-diodes
Connection screw terminals 1.5mm²
Operating temperature -10...+50°C
Storage temperature -25...+70 °C
Humidity 0...85 % r. h. non-condensing
Protection class IP 30

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design DIN rail-mounting plastic housing light grey, snap-on on 35mm DIN rail 3 HP
Dimensions WxHxD 53x90x59mm
Weight 86g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation DALI-16B-SL
Article no. 80027161
Conformity CE

Tender Documents

Instruction Manuals

Wiring Diagrams

DIP switch

8-pole DIP switch for setting the ISYGLT BUS Address (0-127) is located at the top between the two BUS connecting sockets.

Special function DIP switches 1 and 2

S1 OFFNormal operation
S1 ONDevice works with DALI only as power supply unit (from version 1.01) i.e. no DALI commands are sent; necessary e.g. for addressing by external Systems.
S1+S2 ONModule operates in DALI broadcast operation. The module sends a low dimming value to the lamps to test the DALI function if no devices have yet been addressed.

Function Indicators (LEDs on the Module)

1x redPowerOffNo operating voltage
OnOperating voltage, no error
1x yellowBUSOffBUS wiring error
OnError BUS communication (address)
blinkingInterference-free data transmission via the BUS line
1x greenStateblinking
1 Hz
No parameter data in the module
OnModule works only as DALI power supply
(DIP switch S1 = ON)
2 Hz
Module works in DALI broadcast operation, sending a low fixed value for test purposes
(DIP switch S1+S2 = ON)

Parameterization with ProgramDesigner

In the ISYGLT ProgramDesigner there are various parameterisation possibilities:

  • Grouping of the individual ECGs
  • 3 configurations can be stored
  • Definition of the switch-on behaviour
  • Crossfade times
  • Emergency operation in case of BUS failure DALI and ISYGLT

Pin Assignment

2x 4-pole P-COM connectors

P-COM Subnet and operating voltage

3-pole plug below right

PE Protective conductor
L Mains voltage 230V (50-60Hz)
N Neutral conductor

2-pole plug below left



Article no.: 80027161

DALI module "slim-line" with 3 HP for 32 devices divided into 16 groups.
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