Digital I/O Module I/O-02E-PI

Module for controlling a linear motor with pulse generator for precise positioning.

Quick Facts

  • 2 inputs 24V
  • 2 outputs 230V / 2A
  • Control of linear drives with pulse generator

The I/O-02E-PI module was specially developed for positioning linear drives with rotary encoders. The development and optimization was carried out with the drive of the company elero, type Picolo XL with pulse generator. The module is designed in such a way that the calibration of the route can be carried out very easily. In addition, various modes are available for zero operation, e.g. after power failure or manual intervention. After calibration, the travel distance is divided into 0-100% (0-255#) and the drive can now be positioned exactly. A conversion into degrees or the adjustment of non-linear positions is possible via the ISYGLT system. 

Electrical Data

Operating voltage 24V DC
Current consumption 10mA - 30mA depending on input/output activation
Inputs 2x 24V DC (Ub), 5mA (minus switching)
Outputs 2x relay 230V AC, max. 2A
Subnet (RS-485) max. 5.6V limitation by Z-diodes
Connection screw terminals 2.5mm² for motor connection and BUS, pulse generator and button max. 1.5mm²
Operating temperature -10...+50°C
Storage temperature -25...+70°C
Humidity 0...85 % r.h. non-condensing
Protection class IP20

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design encapsulated in black plastic housing for installation in third-party devices, loose or by means of 2 screw fixings
Dimensions WxHxD 70x50x37mm
Weight approx. 110g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation I/O-02E-PI
Article no. 80022520
Conformity CE

Tender Documents

Instruction Manuals

Wiring Diagrams

DIP switches

8-pole DIP switch for setting the ISYGLT BUS address (0-127) is located on the module.

Special function DIP switch 1

DIP-1 Setting
OFFno function
ONno function


Function Indicators (LEDs on the Module)

yellowBUSOff / OnError BUS
blinkingInterference-free data transmission via the BUS line

Pin Assignment

3-pole terminal

1 COM Contact root for 230V AC voltage
2 einf. Retract motor connection 230V AC
3 ausf. Extend motor connection 230V AC

4-pole terminal

4 =Ub Operating voltage
5 0V Operating voltage
6 A Subnet (BUS A, RS-485)
7 B Subnet (BUS B, RS-485)

8-pole terminal

8 - Pulse generator connection "-"
9 B Pulse generator connection "B"
10 A Pulse generator connection "A"
11 + Pulse generator connection "+"
12 COM Com for button
13 COM Com for button
14 einf. Retract button
15 ausf. Extend button


Article no.: 80022520

Module for controlling a linear motor with pulse generator for exact positioning.
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