8-way Switching Actuator I/O-08B-230V-16A

I/O module with 8 binary inputs and 8 relay outputs. For control tasks which are switched with 230V.

Quick Facts

  • 8 binary inputs
  • 8 relay outputs, 230V/16A
  • Inputs and outputs in the functions freely and independently programmable
  • Special function: Emergency operation
  • Control of light circuits
  • Control of blind motors
  • Control of heating valves and mixers

The I/O module I/O-08B-230V-16A can be used to switch 8 circuits with a maximum of 230V/16A (2 contacts each on a common root). The phase position of the individual fuses is arbitrary. 8 optocoupler inputs 12-48V on a common counter potential are available as inputs. The functions of all inputs and outputs can be freely programmed via the software.

From production 2015, the modules will be available with the following parameterizable functions:

  • Status of the output relays after Power ON
  • Definition of inputs as currentless OFF or ON
  • Definition of the functions of the BUS inputs
  • Definition of the functions in the operating modes: BUS, BUS failure and emergency operation
  • Safety functions for motor controls (limit switch settings, interlocks, activation times definable, switch-on times)
  • Indication of defined pulse times on the relays
  • Definition of the display LEDs on the module (display inputs or outputs, BUS error, operating mode, running light)

Electrical Data

Operating voltage 16V to 35V DC resp. 16V to 27V AC
Current consumption 16V DC = 400mA, 24V DC = 250mA, 35V DC = 165mA
16V AC = 380mA, 24V AC = 220mA, 27V AC = 190mA (all relays energized)
Inputs 8x 12-48V AC/DC, input current per input 5mA at 24V
Outputs 8x relay contact 250V AC (DC max. 25V!)
Load capacity:
pure ohm's 16A
incandescent lamps 10A
fluorescent lamps uncompensated 6A
fluorescent lamps compensated 4A
low voltage halogen via transformer 10A
phase motor 0.55kW
ECGs depending on manufacturer,
inrush current 100A < 20ms
! The inrush current of electronic ballasts is up to 100 times the rated current !!
Minimum contact load: 500mW, min. 10V, min. 5mA
Subnet (RS-485) max. 5.6V limitation by Z-diodes
Connection screw terminals 2.5mm², inputs and BUS pluggable, BUS connector
Operating temperature -10...+50°C
Storage temperature -25...+70°C
Humidity 0...85 % r.h. non-condensing
Degree of protection in non-installed condition IP30

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design DIN rail-mounting plastic housing light grey, snap-on on 35mm DIN rail 9 HP
Dimensions WxHxD 159x90x59mm
Weight 430g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation I/O-08B-230V-16A
Article no. 80022168
Conformity CE

DIP switches

8-pole DIP switch for setting the ISYGLT BUS address (0-127) is located under the cover of the module.

Special function DIP switch 1

DIP-1 Setting
OFFBUS operation
ONEmergency operation

Function Indicators (LEDs on the Module)

redPOWEROffNo operating voltage
OnOperating voltage, no error
yellowBUSOff / OnError BUS
blinkingInterference-free data transmission via the BUS line
8x greenA1-A8OffOutput inactive
OnOutput active

Parameterisation with ProgramDesigner

The ISYGLT ProgramDesigner offers a wide range of parameterisation options:

  • Preset behavior after PowerOn
  • Optocoupler inputs: polarity and debouncing
  • Assign BUS inputs
  • BUS operation
  • BUS failure mode
  • Emergency operation
  • Security features

Pin Assignment

9-pole plug top left

CE.1 Common f. E1-E8
E1 Input 1
E2 Input 2
E3 Input 3
E4 Input 4
E5 Input 5
E6 Input 6
E7 Input 7
E8 Input 8

4-pole plug top right

Ub Operating voltage
0V Operating voltage
A Subnet (BUS A, RS-485)
B Subnet (BUS B, RS-485)

2x P-COM Ports

P-COM Subnet and operating voltage

Special input emergency:

If 230V is applied to this input, all relays switch on (operating voltage must be present!).

6-pole plug bottom left

E 230V Emergency input
CE.2 N Emergency input
A1 Output 1
C.1 Common f. A1
A2 Output 2
C.2 Common f. A2

6-pole plug bottom centre

A3 Output 3
C.3 Common f. A3
A4 Output 4
C.4 Common f. A4
A5 Output 5
C.5 Common f. A5

6-pole plug bottom right

A6 Output 6
C.6 Common f. A6
A7 Output 7
C.7 Common f. A7
A8 Output 8
C.8 Common f. A8



Article no.: 80022168

I/O module with 8 binary inputs and 8 relay outputs. For control tasks that are switched up to 230V/16A.
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