Presence Sensor BW4-PR-S-GH-AP

The Presence Sensor detects even the smallest movements and is ideally suited for large rooms with heights of up to 14m. The Presence Sensor requires 24V and has an output that outputs the movement impulses. Optimum function is guaranteed by connection to a binary input of an I/O Module.

Quick Facts

  • Range 44m x 22m (at 9m mounting height)
  • Detection angle 360°
  • Sports halls
  • Logistics halls
  • Event rooms
  • Offices

The Presence Sensor with large, circular detection range is ideally suited for heights of up to 10m.

The Presence Sensor reacts to movements within a large detection range by means of high-resolution and precise sensor technology.
In addition to lighting control, the ISYGLT BUS system can also be used to intelligently and reliably integrate energy-efficient functions such as heating and air conditioning. This guarantees a savings potential of up to 80%.

Connection and operation takes place directly at the digital inputs of the ISYGLT I/O Modules or IN Modules.

Sensor type PIR
Detection angle 360°
Range 44m x 22m (at 9m mounting height)
Mounting height 2m to 14m (recommendation 10m)

Application areas

  • lighting control and presence detection for large rooms/areas, such as e.g:
  • sports halls
  • logistics halls
  • event rooms
  • offices

Electrical Data

Operating voltage 24V DC
Current consumption 100mA
Power consumption <1W
Output reed relay contact, max. 24V 100mA
Connection spring type terminal 6-pole
Operating temperature -25...+50°C
Storage temperature -25...+70°C
Humidity 0...85 % r.h. non-condensing
Protection class IP20

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design surface-mounted housing white
Dimensions DxH 98mm x 63mm
Weight 130g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation BW4-PR-S-GH-AP
Article no. 80180020
Make ISYnet
Conformity CE

Tender Documents

Instruction Manuals

Technical Drawings

Wiring Diagrams

Information on the detection range

Pin Assignment

6-pole connection

+ Operating voltage +24V
+ Operating voltage +24V
- Operating voltage -0V
- Operating voltage -0V
R Switching output (+24V internally connected)
R Switching output (+24V internally connected)

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Additional Equipment

  • 80085032 ISYGLT - LSR ball protection basket for sensor protection


Article no.: 80180020

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