Combi Weather Station WETTER-01

The high-quality Weather Station WETTER-01 is especially suitable for SmartHome systems and smaller buildings, which require many different weather data in a compact device.

The WSM-02E-RS485 Module transfers the data to the ISYGLT Master.

Quick Facts

  • GPS clock
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Rain
  • Temperature
  • Brightness
  • Humidity
  • Barometer
  • Radiant intensity

The Combi Weather Station WETTER-01 was developed for the diverse requirements of building control systems. The device combines precision of measured value acquisition with a very compact design. It can be easily integrated into new and existing installations. A total of 11 meteorological parameters are recorded by the device in a very small space. The wind is measured without mobile parts. The thermal anemometer measures wind speed and direction without mechanical wear. There is no need for costly maintenance. The integrated GPS device automatically receives the date, time, station altitude and geographical position. It is not necessary to set the time manually. From the GPS parameters, the weather station determines the azimuth and the elevation of the sun's position The altitude above sea level and the measured air pressure are used to calculate the reduced air pressure. All parameters are output with the data telegram. The weather station is mounted on a mast or directly on the building using a wall bracket. Via an ISYGLT MODBUS weather sensor interface module, the weather data are safely transferred to the ISYGLT IP Master. 

Electrical Data

Operating voltage 24V DC (18-30V DC / 18-28V AC)
Current consumption <300mA at 24V DC
Connection 5-pole or 7-pole plug, Binder Series 711, maximum cable length 20m
Interface RS485 (half duplex) 1200...115200 Baud
Protocol ASCII THIES (on request: Binary Modbus RTU)
Protection class IP65 in operating position
Ambient temperature -30°C ... +60°C

Weather Data

Wind speed

TypeThermal anemometer
Measuring range0-40m/s
Accuracy with laminar incident flow±5%


Wind direction

TypeThermal anemometer
Measuring range0-360º
Accuracy with laminar incident flow±10°



TypeSilicium sensor (north, east, south, west)
Measuring range0-150 kLux
Resolution0,1 kLux
Precision±3 %
Spectral range475-650 nm



TypeSilicium sensor
Measuring range0-999 lux
Resolution1 lux
Precision±10 lux


Global radiation

TypeSilicium sensor
Measuring range0-1300 W/m²
Resolution1 W/m²
Spectral range350-1100nm



Measuring range0/1 (precipitation no/yes)
Heating capacitySensor dry 0.1 W (condensation protection)
Sensor wet 1.1 W (active drying)
Drying phase3,5 minutes



Measuring range-30°C bis +60°C
Accuracy at WG >2m/s-5°C bis +25°C ±1°C



TypeHygro thermosensor CMOS capacitive
Rel. air humidity 
Measuring range0-100%
Precision±10% rel. humidity at 20°C
Absolute humidity 
Measuring range0-400 g/m³
Dew point temperature 
Measuring range-30...+60°C


Air pressure

TypePiezo resistiv
Measuring range300-1100 hPa
Resolution0,01 hPa
Precision±0,5 hPa at 20°C
Long-term stability±0,1 hPa/year


GPS receiver

Received datalatitude, longitude, date/time, station height
Position accuracy3m (50% CEP)


Housing inside temperature

TypeSilicium sensor
Measuring range-30°C to +60°C

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design plastic housing for mounting on a 25mm mast tube
Dimensions (HxD) 67,5x130mm
Weight 220g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation WETTER-01
Article no. 80086035
Conformity CE

Tender Documents

Instruction Manuals

Wiring Diagrams

Function Indicators (LEDs on the Module)

greenOperation (under cover)blinkingOperational readiness of the weather station; if it does not activate a telegram output command for a period of 3 seconds or longer, the LED remains off.
blueWind (under cover)blinking

LED indicates the current wind speed by its blinking frequency


Parameterisation with ProgramDesigner

Information on the parameterisation can be found in the WSM-02E-RS485 Module.

Pin Assignment

7-pole connector

PINWire colourFunction
6pink+ Supply 18-30V DC / 18-28V AC
7blue- Supply 18-30V DC / 18-28


Further Information

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Additional Equipment

  • 80086057 ISYGLT WSM-02E-RS485 Interface Module for WETTER-01
  • 80086036 Connection cable for WETTER-01 7-pole, length 5m
  • on request connection cable for WETTER-01 7-pole, length 10m
  • 80086037 Mounting bracket for WETTER-01
  • 80086038 Adapter for WETTER-01 for mounting in traverse
  • 80086061 Traverse 0,8m - compact for mounting 2 encoders of the compact series
  • 80086062 Traverse short 0,4m - compact for mounting 1 encoder of the compact series
  • on request: 25mm tube as mast


  • on request: Protocol MODBUS RTU instead of ASCII (so this Weather Station can also be used for many other BUS systems like Loxone, KNX, etc.)

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Article no.: 80086035

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