Project solutions

The ISYGLT BUS system combines the advantages of a master-slave BUS with the special features of a multi-master system. This results in an event-independent BUS system whose processor interrogates the actuators and sensors cyclically, quickly and reliably.

The maximum BUS cable length per subnet is 1.5km. The cable cross-section depends on the cable length and the current load through the modules. As standard cable we recommend J-Y(St)Y 2x2x0.8mm².

The RS-485 industrial standard according to ISO 8482 DIN 66259 T4 is used for data transmission. This has distinguished itself above all through its high interference immunity - even in harsh industrial environments. All devices of the system meet the standards for "use in typical industrial environment class 3" with regard to interference immunity (CE mark). The transmission rate of 38,400 bit/s ensures fast response times of the system and minimizes the costs of installing the 2-wire BUS even for longer distances.

ISYGLT was developed as a freely programmable and versatile system especially for lighting control systems, building automation and SmartHomes. This means that it is possible to implement everything from very small systems with simple requirements (individual room control) to highly complex systems with several thousand participants.

The development of the system started in the early 1990s. The first systems were already implemented with ISYGLT in 1996. Since then, the system has been continuously further developed and is the ultimate tool for our partners and us to implement all types of control tasks efficiently and cost-effectively and still guarantee the highest functional reliability and individualization. ISYGLT can be found in many thousands of projects worldwide and the number is increasing daily.

The BUS modules are all produced in Germany according to the highest quality standards.

The ISYGLT Master Modules are the centerpieces of our BUS system. They process the data and control the entire periphery.

To the System Components 

BUS-capable Universal Dimmers with automatic load detection, leading-edge Dimmers and trailing-edge Dimmers. LED Dimmers with constant current (CC) and constant voltage (CV) for controlling LED stripes or Power-LEDs.

To the Dimmers

DALI Modules for dimming electronic ballasts (ECG), electronic transformers and LED retrofits as well as LED dimmers with DALI protocol.

To the DALI Modules 

Analog Modules with outputs for controlling lighting, blinds, heating and other trades as well as inputs for push-buttons, motion detectors or contacts from other trades.

To the Analog Modules 

We call our switching actuators I/O Modules. In addition to the output contacts, the I/O Modules also have binary inputs. There are different designs and modules for different applications, whose inputs/outputs have different physical properties.

To the I/O Modules

Sensors for measuring lighting data such as brightness and colour temperature as well as Motion Sensors and Presence Sensors. Temperature Sensors, Weather Sensors or compact Weather Stations are available for the exact recording of further values.

To the Sensors

A wide range of Controls such as robust panels and modern touch panels are available for individual design in your SmartHome as well as for cultural and industrial applications.

To the Controls

Integrating EnOcean and Bluetooth participants into ISYGLT.

To the wireless components

A selection of interfaces to external systems or other common interfaces in building technology and stage technology.

To the Gateways

Suitable Additional Equipment for the ISYGLT system such as proven system power supplies or additional parts for mounting and connecting ISYGLT modules.

To the Additional Equipment

The ISYGLT Software for programming and visualization as well as other useful programs and apps.

To the Software

Decommissioned modules from the ISYGLT product range.

To the Spare Parts