Salzburg State Theatre

Restored to historical splendour - yet better than ever!

The renovation of the 130-year-old building was completed on time and within budget. From May - October 2022, essential components of the Salzburg State Theatre were renovated. Seebacher was entrusted with the control and partial production of the hall lighting. This included the historic recessed wall and ceiling lights, the large central chandelier, as well as the new LED reading lights in the loges and the new LED step lighting for the stairways to the balconies.

The Great Crystal Ceiling Chandelier

The historic chandelier (restored by a specialised company) was given a new suspension and can now be raised and lowered to great effect even before and during performances. The 60 retrofit/E14 candle bulbs can be controlled by the ISYGLT universal dimmer UD-700-X2 the integrated 72 mini-spots by the LED-04B-ANA-DMX dimmer. 48 spots are directed downwards to illuminate the auditorium, and 24 mini-spots are adjusted upwards to perfectly set the scene for the historic ceiling painting.

The reading luminaires in the loge boxes

The reading luminaires can be switched on and off by the theatre visitors via a button. They can also be controlled via DMX. A programme was created for this purpose. The LED-02E-DMX-1000-V2 dimmer was built into the housing of the luminaires. The luminaires are manufactured in-house in scratch-resistant coloured aluminium gold satin finish and have been pre-set with a unique colour temperature that harmonises perfectly with the overall lighting situation of the hall and the freshly uncovered and newly gilded stuccowork.

Lighting of the steps of the balcony podesterie:

A central area of the refurbishment is the reworking of the creaking balcony podesterie, in the course of which the rows of seats were also readjusted. The seats can now be reached via direct/indirectly illuminated stairs. The LED strips directly illuminate the tread surface as well as indirectly the vertical wall of the steps. By default, the luminosity of the stairs and steps is set to 'slight glow' (1.5 %) during performances, the steps always remain clearly detectable as such and meet the emergency lighting criteria. The total of 52 profiles are controlled via our LED-04B-ANA-DMX dimmer.


+ Location:

+ Application:
Control and partial manufacturing of hall lighting

+ Light planning:
Christian Ragg

+ Luminaire refurbishment:
Bakalowits Licht Design

+ Luminaire manufacturing:
Seebacher GmbH

+ Lighting control:
Seebacher GmbH