Sistine Chapel, Rome


In collaboration with OSRAM, the Sistine Chapel in the heart of the Vatican was equipped with one of the most modern lighting control systems in the museum sector. The aim of the EU-funded project was to drastically reduce power consumption, achieve high colour fidelity and uniform illumination and protect the paintings. This is achieved with the luminaires developed by OSRAM especially for this project, which are controlled by us via LED dimmer and DALI protocol. The user can configure the luminaires individually in light colour and intensity and save them in up to 32 scenes so that these configurations can be recalled if necessary. Operation is via a touch PC or conveniently in the chapel via iPad.

Our ISYGLT LED dimmers were selected for this project because of their reliability, the possibility of temperature-dependent control of LEDs and the flexible adaptation of dimming curves. The dimmers are controlled directly via the ISYGLT IP Master MA-IP-2, so no additional gateway is required. Each LED light of the visitor illumination is operated by 4 LED dimmers 3-channel with 350mA. Due to the 6 different LED colours a very precise colour mixing with an extremely high colour rendering index is possible. The colour differences of the LEDs caused by temperature changes are compensated by automatic readjustment via the temperature detection in the luminaire head.

In addition, there is a so-called GALA lighting for events (e.g. conclave), which can be controlled via the DALI protocol and extended via electric motors. The motor control also runs completely via the ISYGLT I/O modules. Our I/O-08B and I/O-04B modules have been extended with many additional functions and adjustable parameters for emergency situations.


+ Location:
Vatican City

+ Application:
Motor-controlled gala lights, individual control of the LED colours, temperature monitoring of the LED lights

+ Executed by:
Seebacher GmbH

+ Lamp manufacturer:

+ Lighting control:
Seebacher GmbH