Futurium, Berlin

House of Future

The Futurium in Berlin is the place to meet and exchange ideas on the subject of the future. Research, exhibitions and discussions take place on what the future is and what it could look like. Interior lighting with two separate types of use will be used for the building:

  1. In daytime operation, the luminous ceiling has a classic functionality, with light scenes or daylight-dependent regulation. Control is via conventional wall-mounted control panels.

  2. It becomes particularly exciting during special events or at night when the same lighting switches to an interactive, dynamic mode.

The adaptolux lighting management system (ISYGLT lighting management system) is perfectly suited for the consistent integration of fast DMX systems in classic DALI installations. It offers everything to ensure safe and long-lasting operation.


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+ Application: 
Facade lighting and media facades

+ Executed by: 
SE lightmanagement

+ Light planning: 
realities:united, Berlin

+ Lighting control: 
SE lightmanagement