Alte Pinakothek, Munich

A daylight-dependent lighting control system for the Alte Pinakothek

Authentic building in modern light

In all halls and cabinets a lighting control system with constant light control and setpoint setting was implemented.

On the first floor a shading control was implemented. Linear motors control the blinds, whereby the blind slats can be positioned exactly to the degree depending on the angle of elevation (angle of elevation of the sun from the horizon) in order to achieve optimum shading and use of daylight. All values, such as target and actual brightness, are recorded by a data logger.

In the foyer the lighting is controlled by an automatic (HCL) DALI lighting control system. Several preset lighting scenes are available for different occasions and requirements.

An IPMS visualisation clearly displays the floor plan of the Alte Pinakothek on a PC. A user administration with assignment of rights is integrated.


+ Location:  

+ Application:  
Daylight-dependent lighting control in the cultural object

+ Executed by: 

+ Light planning:
Peter Andres (foyer)
bbs-project AG (halls and cabinets)

+ Lighting control: 
Seebacher GmbH