Iodine-sulphur bath, Bad Wiessee

Water for the body, balm for the soul

The new iodine-sulphur bath in Bad Wiessee

The Wiessee medicinal springs "Adrianus" and "Königin Wilhelmina" are the strongest iodine and sulphur springs in Germany and have been used for therapeutic purposes since their discovery in 1910. In order to be able to continue to benefit from this healing water with all senses in the future, the springs have been renovated and redesigned with the iodine-sulphur bath.

Most modern controlling and monitoring with ISYGLT

The entire system for the conditioning of medicinal water is controlled and monitored in the background by a complex ISYGLT system - from the control of the feed pumps to the heating of the medicinal water for the applications. A wide range of parameters such as removal quantities and water temperatures are measured, evaluated and recorded with the aid of a clear and convenient IPMS visualization.

In the bathhouse, the lighting, ventilation and heating control are controlled and operated via ISYGLT. In addition, the motors of the roof domes, sun protection and windows are also controlled and automatically closed in case of rain and/or wind. Our weather station is used hereby for weather monitoring.


+ Location: 
Bad Wiessee

+ Application: 
Controlling and monitoring of medicinal water conditioning systems and feed pumps, heating and lighting control

+ Executed by: 
Elektro Hafner GmbH

+ Planning office:
Electronics: Synergy Engineering Taubenberger & Partner mbB
Heating and medicinal water: EST EnergieSystemTechnik GmbH

+ Building management system:
Seebacher GmbH