Here you can download programs for programming and parameterising our ISYGLT components


Version 8.00.17_R107, 13-11-2023

After starting the program, you will automatically be guided through the installation program.

the ProgramDesigner will be installed into the directory "C:\ISYGLT\...".

Serial number: ISYGLT



Version V1.0.10.06, Date: 08.01.2024 - Help German and English changed to chm format.

The TouchDesigner TD is used for the comfortable graphic design of the touch pages for the Wall-Touch WT-G-05 and WT-G-07. It can be used to program many applications such as lighting, heating and bell control in churches, smart home control point, lighting control of industrial halls, scene control in museums, central control of event halls, secondary console control, and much more.

System requirements:

PC with WIN7, WIN8 , WIN10 (TM)

A micro SD card adapter is required for transfer to the ISYGLT-WT panel.


After the download just start the file and follow the installation instructions.

Discover the Wall-Touches WT-G-05 and WT-G-07.

UD-700-X PC test program

UD-700-X-PC-TestV2.3GE = Benutzersprache Deutsch
UD-700-X-PC-TestV2.3EN = User language English

Test and setup program for the new Universal Dimmer UD-700-X2 and UD-700-X2-DALI.

This software is used to change the parameters for DMX and stand-alone operation, to test the dimmer and to check the load using the integrated oscilloscope function. Connection to the dimmer is possible via RS-485 (USB-to-RS-485 adapter) or directly via USB cable.

Set switches 1-3 on the left DIP switch to OFF,OFF,ON.

When operating at the USB interface, the driver starting with Windows 7(TM) is usually installed automatically. For older operating systems and if the interface is not automatically recognised, the driver (self-installing) is available here in a ZIP file for download:

In addition, you will find an optional registry entry in the ZIP file for customers who want to parameterize many dimmers. With this option it is avoided that a new entry is made for each connected dimmer USB port.

Description Software:

Description Dimmer:

RC Designer

RC designer software for designing the paper inserts for our Room-Controllers.
This software makes it very easy to create and print labels. The installation creates the folder ..\RC-Designer with the subfolders ..\Backgrounds, ..\Buttons, ..\Ensembles and ..\Images. In the folder "Ensembles" you will find a few templates, in different designs. You can open them, change them as you like and save them under a new name. This way you will reach your goal even faster.

IPMS App for iOS

iOS App for ISYGLT visualisation with the IPMS server.
This App is used to connect to the IPMS server. Thus all display and operating options are available. All function controls with all parameters are supported.

As in the iOS App, the logger and setup pages of the visualisation are excluded here. These can only be called with the Java browser contained in the IPMS server.
The installation is done via the Apple App-Store