BUS Connecting Cable BVL-xxx

The ISYGLT BUS components can be connected very easily and quickly with the BVL BUS Connecting Cables.

Quick Facts

  • lengths: 600mm / 380mm / 110mm
  • P-COM socket on both sides
  • BUS connection between two modules

Almost all ISYGLT DIN rail modules are equipped with two P-COM connectors, which guarantee the operating voltage as well as supply the RJ45-BUS (BUS-A, BUS-B). The BUS connecting cables can be used to connect either two modules or a large number of modules by using additional BUS Connecting Cables. This can save a considerable amount of time compared to conventional wiring, especially in control cabinet construction. Due to the different lengths of the BUS Connecting Cables, the various module types can be cleanly connected to each other.
When wiring the modules, make sure that no "ring" is formed.

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design 4 bundled wires with P-COM sockets at both ends
Dimensions lengths: 110mm / 380mm / 600mm

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation BVL-600 / BVL-380 / BVL-110
Article no. 80099960 / 80099938 / 80099911
Conformity CE


  • ISYGLT - BVL-600, BUS Connecting Cable 600mm (Article no. 80099960)
  • ISYGLT - BVL-380, BUS Connecting Cable 380mm (Article no. 80099938)
  • ISYGLT - BVL-110, BUS Connecting Cable 110mm (Article no. 80099911)

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Article no.: 80099960

With the BUS Connecting Cables BVL, the ISYGLT BUS components can be connected to each other very easily and in a time-saving manner.
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