Power Dimmer TD-5600-BP

A robust leading edge dimmer for dimming ohmic and inductive loads. In addition to lamps, motors, welding equipment and heaters can also be controlled. The dimmer has many control options, emergency functions and adjustable parameters.

Quick Facts

  • leading edge dimmer
  • 1x 5600W
  • 1-10V / 0-10V
  • single-button dimmer, Potentiometer
  • replacement L10, L16, L25

The thyristor dimmer is a classic leading edge dimmer in 16-Bit "Thyristor Antiparallel Technology". This type of control is certainly the upper class of dimmers and cannot be compared to the simpler triac dimmers. The control and monitoring for each half-wave is carried out separately here, since a thyristor is available and responsible accordingly. The dimmer is characterised by its extreme robustness in the respective power class. In leading edge control technology, all ohmic loads (incandescent lamps, high-voltage halogen lamps, heaters) and inductive loads (halogen with magnetic transformers, fluorescent lamps with VIP-90, motors, plastic welding equipment with magnetic transformers) can be operated. The dimmer has several control modes and can be operated conventionally with internal or external potentiometer, button, 0-10V, 1-10V or 0-55µA signal or digitally in ISYGLT-BUS, DMX512 8-Bit or DMX512 16-Bit. The basic function parameters are set via 2 DIP switches; detailed parameters can only be set in the ISYGLT system. The function of the potentiometer for BUS, stand-alone or DMX operation is parameterised by us at the factory, please let us know when ordering which function it should have. All functions can also be parameterised via an ISYGLT Master Module with the ProgramDesigner.

Electrical Data

Mains supply 230V / 45 to 65 Hz
Mains fuse 1 x 230V, 25A
Output 1 x 230V, 100W-5600W, max. 25A
Power loss 50W (full load) or approx. 0.95% of the connected power
standby: < 0.7W - at switch-off 0W
Analog input 1(0)-10V sink current at 1-10V = 1mA, source current at hardware option 0-10V = 0.25mA at 40kOhm
can also be used as input for single-button dimmer function

(Optionally the dimmer is also available for 0-55µA(microampere) Signals.
This setting is made with 2 jumpers in the device at the factory.
Please specify this variant when ordering. In this operating mode, 0(1)-10V control is no longer possible.)
Protocols for control DMX and ISYGLT subnet
Isolation voltage 3750V (ISYGLT-BUS / mains)
Short-circuit protection electronic overload protection by current measurement
short-circuit cut-off within 10 milliseconds
Current rise time 160µs
Noise emission depending on the load and dimming position, the interference suppression components develop a slight sum noise. The dimmer should therefore be installed in the electrical room and not in noise-sensitive areas.
Subnet (RS-485) max. 5.6V limitation by Z-diodes
Connection screw terminals power 4mm², control 1.5mm²; both pluggable
Operating temperature -10...+45°C
> at +50°C max. 80% connectable power
> at +60°C max. 40% connectable power
> at +65°C max. 20% connectable power
> at +70°C max. 0% connectable power
Storage temperature -25...+70 °C
Humidity 0...85 % r.h. non-condensing
Protection IP 30
Protection class I

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design Metal housing, screwable on mounting plate or profile rails or optionally snapable on 35mm DIN rail.
The housing dimensions and mounting holes are compatible with the varintens L-10 and L-16 dimmer modules.
Dimensions WxHxD 70x170x115mm
(Observe a minimum distance of 10mm to the next dimmer. At full load we recommend 30mm distance.)
Weight 1530 g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation TD-5600-BP
Article no. 80026645
Conformity CE

DIP switch

Function Indicators (LEDs on the Module)

redPOWEROffNo operating voltage
OnOperating voltage, no error voltage supply
yellowBUSOffError in BUS wiring / no BUS signal detected 

BUS is active, but communication processor receives no data

DMX: Data for the set address are not transmitted (telegram too short) or data format is wrong

RS485 test: Set address or data format is wrong

blinkingInterference-free data transmission / communication processor receives data
greenD1OffOutput "OFF"
OnOutput "ON"


Parameterisation with ProgramDesigner

  • setting the dimming curves
  • minimum and maximum values
  • determining the switch-on and switch-off behaviour
  • emergency operation in case of BUS failure

Pin Assignment

7-pole connector - Control

GND Reference potential (Ground) for the voltage inputs (0-10V) and BUS RS485 (internally connected with the seventh terminal)
UE Control voltage input for the dimmer channel or input for button
+10V 10V for the connection of an external potentiometer
S Voltage for sink current 1-10V (insert connection to "UE")
GND Reference potential (Ground) for the voltage inputs (0-10V) and BUS RS485 (internally connected with the first terminal)
A Subnet (BUS A, RS-485) optionally "ISYGLT A" or "DMX-512 +"
B Subnet (BUS B, RS-485) optionally "ISYGLT B" or "DMX-512 -"

Large 4-pole connector - Power

LD Dimmer load output 0...230V, max. 5600W/VA leading edge
L Mains voltage 230V (45Hz-65Hz)
N Neutral conductor
PE Protective conductor

Additional Equipment

  • DGL-01U - Dynamic Base Load for LED lamps
  • DIN rail adapter (included)


Also available with lower power: TD-4000-BP with 4kW
Leading Edge, Trailing Edge and Universal Dimmers can also be found in the catalog.

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Article no.: 80026645

A robust leading edge dimmer for dimming resistive and inductive loads. In addition to lamps, motors, welding equipment and heaters can also be controlled. The dimmer has many control options, emergency functions and adjustable parameters.
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