SONOS® - Wireless music experience with additional applications

Create with the ISYGLT IPMS server the connection from the building system technology to your SONOS products. This opens up possibilities - even without smartphone or tablet - to start, stop, influence the volume of music or announcements, etc.

It doesn't matter whether the command is from a smartphone, tablet, PC, motion sensor, light sensor, filling level monitor, light button, ... comes. You can easily determine which action in the building triggers a command to the SONOS system.


  • In the morning, simply call up your favourite radio station at your desired volume at the touch of a button - without having to click around somewhere in an app (the same applies, of course, to switching to other stations or switching off).
  • Simply control louder or quieter in the room via push-button sensor
  • Museum application - play a hint or sound file when someone presses a button on an exhibit or triggers a motion sensor
  • Monitoring - filling level e.g. announcement "Rainwater tank is full"
  • Monitoring - ventilation failure - here a fault message could be supplemented by acoustic signals
  • Monitoring - entrance door is open - after a defined waiting time, the current music playback is stopped - the open door is indicated by an audio file - then the music playback is resumed at the original position.
  • These functions can also be repeated as often as required, e.g. until the message is acknowledged.

Operation per:

  • Smartphone
  • Tablet
  • Desktop PC
  • Key sensors
  • Keys
  • All manipulated variables available in the system (states, value exceeded - reached - undershot, combination of states, and much more)

Possible functions:

  • Play
  • Pause
  • Stop
  • TogglePlayStop
  • Previous
  • Next
  • Mute
  • Volume (value)
  • VolumeUp
  • VolumeDown
  • Radiostation
  • SendMessage
  • Title

The options are manifold.

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