IP Master MA-IP-2

The freely programmable Master Module is the central controller (CPU) of the ISYGLT BUS system. The MA-IP-2 is the centerpiece for control tasks in buildings. Universally suitable for lighting control, SmartHome, building automation, HVAC control, sanitary control, and much more. 

Quick Facts

  • ISYGLT Master Controller (CPU)
  • possibility of networking
  • integrated web browser
  • internal clock
  • sending e-mail
  • fault message processing
  • IPMS visualisation
  • many interfaces
  • ready for IoT

The Master Module controls the data traffic on the ISYGLT BUS and is required once per subnet.
The function programming of all peripheral modules connected to the subnet BUS (switching modules, analog modules, button modules, dimming modules) is carried out with the ProgramDesigner.
The program memory in the Master can be written to as often as required. The stored data is safely retained even in the event of an operating voltage failure.
The serial interface "Backbone" is used for data exchange between several Masters.

Possible time sources:

  • internal clock (not temperature compensated - the ISYGLT System Clock and DCF-77 Radio Clock have higher accuracy)
  • ISYGLT System Clock
  • time of an optional Java server
  • synchronisation of time by an internet time server

The following functions are possible with the TCP/IP interface:

  • simple visualisation on PC and smartphone (integrated web server)
  • simple error message processing for up to 128 messages in up to 4000 memory locations
  • data exchange between IP Masters via IPMS server via Ethernet
  • TCP MODBUS Slave
  • sending e-mails (e-mail SMTP client)
  • operating safety by integrated user administration
  • individually configurable visualisation solution based on the platform-independent Java programming language
  • ECG addressing and checking in conjunction with a DALI module and the DALI Web Plugin

Electrical Data

Operating voltage 12V to 35V DC or 12V to 27V AC
Current consumption 24V DC; 100mA
Interface SUBNET RS-485 for the ISYGLT subnet BUS for communication with modules
Interface PROGRAM RS-232 programming interface for connection of PC / modem
Interface BACKBONE RS-485 potential-free for the ISYGLT Backbone BUS for networking several Master Modules
Interface SETUP RS-232 for IP Master setup
Interface RJ45 Ethernet TCP/IP interface
Program memory 24kByte program memory (not expandable)
32kByte (RAM) Data memory EEPROM-buffered, non-volatile
8KByte optionally expandable to 32 KByte (EEPROM), for light scenes, non-volatile
2MB RAM for IP Master
16MB Data memory for IP Master
Web Server: 200 pages with 8 controls each, additional 500kB for simple HTML pages
Mail server: Sending 16 e-mails to 16 different recipients
Fault message processing: 128 messages, 4000 memory locations
Connection screw terminals pluggable max. 1.5mm² and P-COM connector
Operating temperature -10°C...+50°C
Storage temperature -25°C...+70°C
Humidity 0...85 % r. h. non-condensing
Protection class IP 30

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design DIN rail-mounting plastic housing light grey, snap-on on 35mm DIN rail 6 HP
Dimensions WxHxD 107.6 x 89.7 x 60.7mm
Weight 157g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation MA-IP-2
Article no. 80011171
Conformity CE

Tender Documents

Instruction Manuals

Wiring Diagrams

Function Indicators (LEDs on the Module)

greenIPM READYOffIP functions not ready for operation
OnIP functions ready for operation
redPOWEROffNo operating voltage
OnOperating voltage, no error
yellowSUBNETOff / OnError BUS
blinkingInterference-free data transmission via the BUS line
greenRUN-STATTOffSystem ok but no time received
OnSystem ok and time received
redPROGRAMOffNo program transmission
OnProgram is transferred (from PC / modem)
yellowBACKBONEOff / OnError backbone / backbone inactive
blinkingInterference-free data transmission on the backbone BUS


Parameterisation with ProgramDesigner

In the ISYGLT ProgramDesigner you will find the parameterisation options for the ISYGLT operation:

  • Network configuration
  • Activate/deactivate TCP/IP functions
  • Setting the time
  • Modbus settings
  • WATCH-DOG settings
  • Configuration of the web app

Pin Assignment

RJ45 socket left

RJ45 socket Ethernet connection

3-pole plug left

TxD Programming interface (RS-232) TxD transmission line
RxD Programming interface (RS-232) RxD receive line
GND Programming interface (RS-232) GND

4-pole plug right

=Ub Operating voltage
0V 0V Operating voltage
A BUS A (subnet RS-485)
B BUS B (subnet RS-485)

2x P-COM connectors

P-COM Subnet and operating voltage

3-pole plug right

A BUS-A (RS-485)
B BUS-B (RS-485)
GND GND (RS-485)

Additional Equipment



Article no.: 80011171

The freely programmable Master Module is the central controller (CPU) of the ISYGLT BUS system. The MA-IP-2 is the centerpiece for control tasks in buildings. Universally suitable for light controls, Smart Home, building automation, HVAC controls, sanitary controls, etc.
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