Control Panel in Desk Housing WT-G-07s-Ds

Multifunctional touch control panel with full-surface reflection-minimised glass front in stainless steel desk housing. The touch panel is an ISYGLT BUS participant, so no network infrastructure is required. All necessary data is directly available at all times and even after a power failure, operation is possible again within 2-3 seconds.

Quick Facts

  • 7" touch display
  • directly at the BUS
  • black glass front
  • stainless steel desk housing, black powder-coated with rounded corners
  • as room control panel
  • as adjustment tableau
  • as a Smart Home control center

The ISYGLT Wall-Touch glass panels WT-G were developed as operating, control and adjustment panels for direct operation on the ISYGLT-BUS.

Particular emphasis was placed here on extremely high availability, fastest operational readiness, reliability and interference immunity.

The panels are equipped with a special real-time operating system, which enables the system to be operated at the latest 2-3 seconds after switching on the voltage. The panels are also absolutely insensitive to inadvertent (as often as required) disconnection/interruption of the voltage. This is common in the construction industry, especially during installation work, and is often a problem for PC-based systems. An IP network structure is therefore not necessary here.

The operating voltage is supplied via the ISYGLT-typical 4-pole BUS cable with the 24V carried in it and communication in the RS-485 industry standard. The address is set via the touch interface.

In addition to the black plastic desk housing, stainless steel desk housings in various colour combinations are also available as variants. Images can also be displayed using the screen saver function. Thus, the panel is also a beautiful picture frame when no operation is required.

The design of pages and functions is very easy with the ISYGLT TouchDesigner. We have developed many standardised interfaces, which allow programming to be carried out quickly and cost-effectively. The intuitive operating concept is based on our more than 20 years of experience with touch panels in control technology. Of course, completely individual pages with individually designed designs can also be developed with the TouchDesigner. The data is transferred to the panel via a micro SD card.

The brightness of the display can be adapted to local conditions and can also be intelligently controlled by external sensors or commands.

An acoustic signal generator for messages or alarms with adjustable frequency is integrated.

Another special feature is the "D-O-T-Switch" function (Display-off-Touch-Switch). This allows the panel to be activated with a key function when the display is switched off. At the same time a command is sent, e.g. to switch on the light in the room. So you can switch on the light with your elbow, if you don't have a free hand, like you are used to with normal switches.

Application examples:

  • Smart Home Control Center
  • Room control unit for light control, temperature control, sun protection control
  • Conference room technology (many functions for multifunctional conference rooms are integrated)
  • Fault indication panel, monitoring panel
  • Light scene control panel for churches, event rooms and museums
  • Adjustment and control panel for heating/air conditioning/ventilation
  • Operating interface for aquarium or other systems (HMI)
  • Alarm and indicator panel
  • Audio/multiroom control

Examples for the design of our touch panel WT-G for Smart Home, building automation, light control and much more.

Electrical Data

Operating voltage 16V-27V DC
Current consumption max. 176mA, normal 135mA, standby 65mA (at 24V DC)
Resolution 800x480 px
Brightness TFT display adjustable via integrated light sensor
Protocol ISYGLT
Programming ProgramDesigner and TouchDesigner
Slot micro-SD for programming and data backup
Connection plug-in terminal 4-pole, Phoenix PTSM0.5/4-PI-2.5 for wires rigid 0.25-0.8mm, flexible 0.2-0.5mm², AWG 42-20;
Operating temperature -10...+50°C
Storage temperature -25...+70°C
Humidity 0...85 % r. h. non-condensing
Protection class IP40

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design Black touch control panel in black stainless steel desk housing
Dimensions panel WxHxD 193.5mm x 132.5mm x 5.5mm
Dimensions desk housing WxDxHfront/back 193.5mm x 132.5mm x 15/45mm
Weight approx. 1240g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation WT-G-07s-Ds
Article no. 80023405
Conformity CE

Technical Drawings


The BUS address for the Wall-Touch WT-G is set in the menu of the touch surface. How to get to the settings dialog depends on where the programmer created the link.


To program the functions, you need the ProgramDesigner. The TouchDesigner is available for the design of the touch surface and parameterisation.

Pin Assignment

4-pole plug

=Ub Operating voltage
0V 0V Operating voltage
A BUS A (Subnet RS-485)
B BUS B (Subnet RS-485)


Type designationArticle no.Description
WT-G-07s-P80023403Black control panel in black plastic desk housing
WT-G-07s-De80023404Black control panel in brushed stainless steel desk housing
WT-G-07w-De80023406White control panel in brushed stainless steel desk housing
WT-G-07s-Ds80023405Black control panel in black powder-coated stainless steel desk housing


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Article no.: 80023405

Multifunctional black 7" touch control panel with full-surface reflection-minimised glass front in black stainless steel desk housing with rounded corners.
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