Precipitation Monitor NW-R

With the Precipitation Monitor, the start and end of precipitation as well as the duration of precipitation periods can be determined. We recommend this sensor, for example, for the control of roof windows or similar applications in which there may be damage due to precipitation.

The data is transferred to the ISYGLT Master via the WSM-01E Module.

Quick Facts

  • Start and end of precipitation
  • Precipitation duration
  • For safety-relevant functions
  • Electronically controlled heating

The Precipitation Monitor serves as a signal transmitter for determining the start and end of precipitation as well as the duration of precipitation periods, such as those required in meteorological services. The Precipitation Monitor can also be used as a status indicator or signal transmitter for controlling downstream safety devices against precipitation, such as roof windows, ventilation flaps, etc.

Operation mode
Precipitation in the form of spray rain, rain, snow or hail is detected by a light barrier system and triggers a switching signal. With a built-in event filter, the triggering of the switching signal for individual events such as leaves, bird droppings, insects, etc. should be suppressed as far as possible. This requires at least "n" drop events to occur within 50 seconds. The number "n" of drop events (1...15) can be set by DIP switches on the circuit board. After the end of precipitation, the switching signal is reset after an adjustable switch-off delay. By directly evaluating the events, the beginning and end of the precipitation period can be precisely identified. For extreme weather conditions, the precipitation monitor has a heater that prevents snow and ice from accumulating on the surface of the housing. For this purpose, the device is equipped with PTC heating elements, which keep the surface at a temperature of >0°C. The heating elements are mounted on the surface of the device.

Mounting preparation
The fixture of the device is designed for mounting on a mast tube. During installation, it must be ensured that the precipitation reaches the sensor opening undisturbed and that the device is not exposed to strong shocks or vibrations during subsequent operation.
For the electrical connection the cover with its 5 screws on the underside is unscrewed. The connection terminals and the DIP switches for setting the number of events and release times are then freely accessible. The electrical connection is made according to the wiring diagram. The cables are led from below through the PG glands located in the bottom of the housing and connected to the terminals. After the assembly work, the cover must be screwed tightly to the housing again.
The electrical work must be executed by qualified personnel. The exposed electronics must not be damaged.
The relay output is switched in such a way that "precipitation" is signalled if the supply voltage fails.

Operation without heating
As the precipitation is recorded directly, the device can in principle also be operated without heating. This is easy to do by simply disconnecting it. Attention: Remaining risks under extreme weather conditions due to ice build-up and snow dome formation.

After the electrical connection has been made and the device screwed on, the operating voltage can be switched on. The position of the relay is energized after switching on the operating voltage and signals "no precipitation".

Due to contamination of the atmosphere, a layer of dirt can form on the sensor windows which, however, usually cleans itself through the precipitation. The sensor windows should be checked and, if necessary, cleaned at regular intervals in accordance with the local degree of soiling or environmental pollution.

Electrical Data

Operating voltage +24V AC/DC +/-15% (with heating)
Operating current approx. 300mA (without heating) at approx. 20°C ambient temperature
Heating current max.1.0 A
Max. contact load max. 230 V AC; 4 A
Ambient temperature -30...+60°C
Mounting on mast 34...50mm diameter
Storage temperature -25...+70°C
Humidity 0...85 % r.h. non-condensing
Protection class IP 65 acc. to DIN 40050

Weather Data

Measured valueprecipitation status (rain, snow, hail, etc.)
Outputprecipitation = relay OFF (also at UB = 0); no precipitation = relay ON
Sensor range25 cm²
Switch-on condition1 to 15 events within 50 sec.
Switch-off condition25...375 s; See "Setting the events and the switch-off delay"
Switch-on delaynone
Switch-off delayconfigurable

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design plastic housing (corrosion resistant), for mounting on a mast with 34...50mm Diameter
Dimensions HxWxD 68,5x125x135mm
Weight 400g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation NW-R
Article no. 80086020
Conformity CE

Tender Documents

Instruction Manuals

DIP switches

Two 4-pole DIP switches for setting the drop events and switch-off delay are located inside the module.

Setting the events and the switch-off delay
12 drop events are set at the factory in 50 seconds with a switch-off delay of 25 seconds. If this setting is to be changed, the DIP1 switch is used to set the switch-off delay and the DIP2 switch is used to set the number of drop events according to the table.

DIP switch setting

The factory settings are marked green

DIP1 - Switch-off delayDIP2 - Drop event - filter
Time (sec)S1S2S3S4DropsS1S2S3S4

Parameterisation with ProgramDesigner

Information on the parameterisation can be found at the Weather Sensor Module WSM-01E.

Pin Assignment

5-pole plug inside

+ Operating voltage 24V DC/AC +/-15%
- Operating voltage 0V
R Contact "precipitation"
W Change-over contact
A Contact "no precipitation"

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Additional Equipment

  • Weather Sensor Module WSM-01E
  • Bracket for wall
  • Adapter for traverse
  • Traverse


Article no.: 80086020

The Precipitation Monitor can be used to determine the beginning and end of precipitation, as well as the duration of precipitation periods. We recommend this sensor, for example, for the control of roof windows or similar applications where damage due to precipitation can occur. Via the WSM-01E module, the data are transmitted to the ISYGLT Master.
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