Wind Sensor WG-C

The Wind Sensor is used to measure the horizontal wind speed. We recommend this sensor for protection against excessive wind speeds when controlling awnings, external blinds, etc.

The data is transferred to the ISYGLT Master via the WSM-01E Module.

Quick Facts

  • Wind speed
  • For safety-relevant functions
  • Electronically controlled heating

The Wind Sensor is used to measure the horizontal wind speed. The measured values are output as electrical analog current or voltage signals. They are used to control downstream safety devices for awnings, external blinds, etc.
For winter operation, all devices are equipped with an electronically controlled heating system to prevent the ball bearings and outer rotating parts from freezing. The electrical supply of the wind sensor heating is carried out e.g. with our power supply unit.
When using mounting adapters (angle, cross bar, etc.), a possible influence of turbulence must be taken into account.

Wind Sensor mounting
Mounting can be carried out, for example, on a central mast tube with a PG 21 mounting thread or on brackets or similar with a 29 mm Ø hole. Attention must be paid to obstacles which distort the air flow and influence the measured value.
The flexible control cable LiYCY is led through the hole and the wind sensor is fixed with the hexagon nut (width across flats 36). The electrical connection is carried out according to the wiring diagram.
Attention: Storage, installation and operation under weather conditions is only permitted in a vertical position, otherwise water may penetrate into the device.

When properly installed, the device is maintenance-free. Heavy environmental pollution can cause the Wind Direction Sensor to clog the slot between the rotating and stationary parts. This slot must always be kept clean.

Electrical Data

Operating voltage 9-30V DC or 24V AC/DC
Heating 24V AC/DC max. 20W
Mounting e.g. mast tube with mounting thread PG 21 or bore Ø 29 mm
or by means of traverse and stainless steel clamp with 2 tension straps for mast 48-102mm diameter
Cable 12m long, LiYCY 6 x 0.25 mm²
Ambient temperature -30°C ... +70°C
Storage temperature -25 ...+70°C
Humidity 0 ...85 % r.h. non-condensing

Weather Data

Wind speed

Measuring range0.5 ...50 m/s
Measuring accuracy± 0.5 m/s or ± 3 %
Measuring principleopto-electronic (slotted disk)
Resolution< 0,1 m/s²
For 0-10 V output13-30 V DC

Design, Dimensions, Weight

Design plastic housing (corrosion-resistant), for mounting on a mast tube with mounting thread PG 21 or bore Ø 29 mm
Dimensions (HxD) 165x134mm
Weight 750g

Ordering Data and Conformity

Type designation WG-C
Article no. 80086010
Conformity CE

Tender Documents

Instruction Manuals

Wiring Diagrams

Parameterisation with ProgramDesigner

Information on the parameterisation can be found at the Weather Sensor Module WSM-01E.

Pin Assignment

7-pole connector

NumberWire colourFunction
1WhiteOperating voltage +9...30V DC or 24V AC
2BrownOperating voltage 0V
3GreenAnalog output +0-10V
4YellowAnalog output GND
5GreyHeating supply voltage 24V AC/DC
6PinkHeating supply voltage 0V

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Additional Equipment

  • Weather Sensor Module WSM-01E
  • Bracket for wall
  • Adapter for traverse
  • Traverse


Article no.: 80086010

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